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    Seneca Doane

    I live in Guatemala. My house in the city (not where I live, I rent it out) is a few blocks from a synagogue, which has formidable walls and probably for a good reason. I've talked to people around here whose idea of "Jew" is, literally, some kind of boogeyman monster, not even remotely human. So I know that there are places where antisemitism exists, even though my milieu in the US is very much not that (for instance, I bet I have a better Purim story than most Jews, though it's not really fit for DKos).

    But unlike Black people, most Jews can get away from it. I mean, they're not subject to racism every time they walk down the street. And they have a set of cultural coping strategies which work really well.

    So I am way more sympathetic to zero-tolerance-style arguments in the case of Black/White racism, than in the case of Jewish stuff. Certainly there is stuff that's beyond the pale, but especially when you're talking about the state of Israel, the presumption for me goes very much in favor of free speech.

    Senate rules which prevent any reform of the filibuster are unconstitutional. Therefore, we can rein in the filibuster tomorrow with 51 votes.

    by homunq on Wed Sep 21, 2011 at 10:01:51 AM PDT

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