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View Diary: Pennsylvania Republicans propose awarding state's electoral votes by congressional district (203 comments)

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    I believe future generations will realize the folly of allowing land to count in a democracy. In fact, this is a formula for civil war, as it permits a minority to push around a majority merely by fact that they happen to occupy a larger area. The majority must, at some point, reach its limit and push for reform of the system. A system that, as we can see, cannot be reformed by that majority.

    I do not see "red America" giving up this advantage any time soon. One means by which this could be mitigated is to increase the number of congressional districts to better reflect the proportion of representatives to constituents laid out in the Constitution. Democrats live in "congressional ghettos" all packed together. But if we cut in half the number of persons a single Congressperson may represent, Democrats would gain proportionally more seats. This may be sold as a nonpartisan means of "increasing representation" and "getting back to the Constitution."

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