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View Diary: Pennsylvania Republicans propose awarding state's electoral votes by congressional district (203 comments)

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  •  Amazing, isn't it, how some people (3+ / 0-)
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    apparently don't read the diary they are commenting in that directly contradicts the claim they are making.

    If every state did this we would be much closer to popular vote.


    That means that the average blue seat is much bluer than the average red seat is red, which in turn means that there are more Republican-leaning districts than Democratic-inclined CDs.

    Here's one stark illustration. John McCain's best district in the nation was TX-13, which occupies the Texas panhandle. He won there by 77-23, a 54 percent margin. By contrast, there were 39 districts that Barack Obama won by an equal or bigger spread, all the way up to his 90-point victory in New York's 16th Congressional District in the South Bronx.

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