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View Diary: Pennsylvania Republicans propose awarding state's electoral votes by congressional district (203 comments)

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  •  I live in PA - and this is what is important? (2+ / 0-)
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    peptabysmal, badlands

    So far, our republican legistators and governor have focused on:

    -de-funding adultBasic health insurance kicking 42,000 people off of insurance
    -pushing a voter ID bill to disenfranchise democratic voters
    -pushing vouchers to take your tax dollars to pay for private/parochial schools
    -requiring onerous regulations on abortion clinics to further provide obstacles to women obtaining one.

    and now this - advocating a change in electoral votes.

    Where are the jobs bills?  Our poverty rate went up (just like the country).  Eastern PA was hit by hurricane and our tea party U.S. Senator Toomey (also on supercommittee) voted against increased funding to FEMA for disaster relief.

    Where is the help for the poor, the unemployed, the uninsured?

    They're too busy working on this crap.

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