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View Diary: Pennsylvania Republicans propose awarding state's electoral votes by congressional district (203 comments)

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    the idea of proportional Electoral college votes. It does several things. 1) it makes everyones vote much more equal. Today if you are an R in a blue state or a D in a red state, your vote does not really matter. 2) it would get rid of 'swing' states. The only are swing states due to winner take all. 3) it would force candidates to truly be national is their thinking. 4) small states would not be ignored. 5) no more worries like Florida with bush v gore. 600+ votes one way or the other wouold not control the EC.

    I dont like the compact idea. I dont want my votes impact swayed by what happens in other states. And since only some states will choose to participate, it looks simply manipulative to me.

      National popular vote would be the ideal, but given you need an amendment to do it, i dont see that happening.

    The liver is evil - It must be destroyed

    by somewhere in ohio on Wed Sep 14, 2011 at 11:51:35 PM PDT

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