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  •  I didn't mean it that way (3+ / 0-)
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    I'm not attacking marcos or the site.  I've been around awhile too (though certainly not in the capacity or with the regularity which you or other contributors have) and I am not interested in attacking the site.  I am simply expressing my disappointment / disenchantment with the current direction.  

    In some ways I think we need to be different now than we were in 2000.  Back then, a significant netroots presence / enthusiasm alone was an accomplishment and a step forward for the progressive movement.  Now, in a country that is increasingly corrupt and in a political environment in which left wing pols are increasingly less responsive to working people -- merely rallying to support the election of party candidates is not enough.

    How do we move beyond that?  A dkos constitutional convention is something I would travel to.  I am always amazed by the passion we bring -- and by our failure to focus it.

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