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View Diary: Old Waitress says, "Don't Raise Medicare Eligibility Age!" (88 comments)

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  •  I totally concur with everyone here... (27+ / 0-)

    I worked nearly twenty years in the "hospitality" industry as a janitor/housekeeper/whatever name given to the cleaner.  By the time I had to quit, I was suffering from arthritis and spinal stenosis, and repetitive motion injuries.  And I worked in a hospital!  They tried to deny my injury claims by saying that my work didn't involve repetitive motion.  Because of a class action lawsuit, I came away with a small settlement.

    I was VERY lucky in that I had disability insurance included with my medical insurance-most people working these jobs don't have any insurance.  And the House wants to raise the age of Social Security and Medicare?  Holy moly!

    Anyway, there wasn't a person in that department in their forties and fifties who wasn't suffering from some musculoskeletal injury or illness.  How were they going to make it to sixty five and not be crippled?  Every person pushing sixty had had surgery on their backs, their knees, and/or their wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome. How are these people going to make it to 67 or 70?  These folks will end up on disability, and while their conditions will end up costing more in medical expenses, more importantly, these people will lose so much quality of life.

    Why no-one in congress is pushing for a graduated system of social security where the age of when one retires varies according to the type of work one does, I don't know.  

    Maybe I'm missing something, I don't know.  

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