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View Diary: Old Waitress says, "Don't Raise Medicare Eligibility Age!" (88 comments)

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    I'm 62 , and like hundreds of thousands of others I beat myself half to death my whole working life. I'm paying for it now with a bad back, shoulders and one knee on it's way out. If I ever wake up with no pain again I'll figure I'm dead. I'm certainly not an unusual case. Everyone who does hard physical labor for twenty or thirty years ends up like me.  I get a small pension, 900 a month plus I just got signed up for social security and managed to pay off my house two years ago so I'm not starving or anything but I can't afford health insurance so just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing too terrible happens before I am eligible for medicare . It's worrisome but so far so good. Hate to think I might have to wait even longer for eligibility though. I took a reduced pension because I retired early but I did it because I had no other choice . I  simply was unable to physically do my job anymore. And I know that in the big picture I am luckier than many who are in my shape and still trying to pay off their homes or still paying rent. Raising the age limit for Social Security or Medicare would be a cruel and inhumane thing to do and we should be in the streets right now screaming about it.

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