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View Diary: White House won't propose Social Security cuts, but raising Medicare eligibility age still on table (137 comments)

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    There seems to be so many mixed signals coming out about what this administration will and won't do...what they support and what they don't...What's up?

    We heard right here that the Obama administration is considering changes to Social Security in what most consider a negative way and that they're also in favor of Medicare cuts...changes in a negative way.  Sure...there can be just all kinds of banter about whether or not "in a negative way" is accurate...but, it seems that's how most folks here took it looking at the posts to the thread (s) on this.

    Now this:

    President Barack Obama's new deficit-reduction proposal will leave out changes to Social Security, and may exclude any increase in the Medicare eligibility age, people familiar with the discussions said Wednesday.

    Yes, of course, I know this disclaimer was put in this post:

    It sounds like the source for these claims isn't part of the administration, and given that the source insisted on anonymity, I wouldn't say this is a definitive report, but if it's true, it is a positive development

    But...what's actually happening in all of the grand scheme of things here?  

    I'm admitting to confusion.  Anyone else?

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