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View Diary: White House won't propose Social Security cuts, but raising Medicare eligibility age still on table (137 comments)

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  •  Most company provided health insurance (0+ / 0-)

    have a clause in it that stops coverage when a person becomes eligible for Medicare.   Now, beginning in 2027 all workers will work until 67, but if they become eligible for Medicare at 65, then they will lose their company insurance which is generally more generous than Medicare.  For example Medicare does not cover dental, and Part B cost $100 per month, supplemental around $160 and Part D something like $40 per person.  You Jed and all the rest of the knee-jerk complainers would be right, except the 1983 Social Security Amendment  has been law and no one is going to repeal it.  There, despite your uniformed anxiety, not going to be any problems when Medicare eligibility age is again synchronized with the Social Security retirement age because ACA smooths out the transition.

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