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    I think that often people putting money on the line for sales (whether it be books, films or television) can't really afford to take a risk for controversy at the starting gate.  Only after a show or book or author becomes popular does the publisher or producer or network have some wiggle room. But not always. Look at the utter clusterf**k Dancing with the Stars is this season. And it's a consistently top rated show. There's always risk. And the bigger the money on the line, the more risk averse decision-makers will be

    Which is why you see so few diverse characters in movies. There's ONE SHOT with most films. In books and television you have time to introduce things once the thing is established.

    It's a conundrum for sure. But I've always said TV and film (my industry) don't reflect our reality. They reflect our sense of our reality.

    I recently did some filming about homelessness. Scripted stuff. And while scouting locations for places that looked like somewhere a single mom would live, I had to bypass ACTUAL places where single moms could afford to live because they looked SO crappy. It wouldn't work on film.

    Another example: when you watch a TV commercial with "regular" people in them, the "regular people" do not really look like us. Even if they are grey haired and rotund they do not ACTUALLY look like us and our neighbors and friends. They are the idealized versions of how we envision ourselves.

    It's all illusion. And this adds difficulty to honestly presenting diverse populations in tv, film and books.

    It's the difference between losing a fight and refusing one. (h/t Kossack james richardson)

    by mdmslle on Thu Sep 15, 2011 at 06:02:47 PM PDT

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