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    I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  During the 80's, Bishop James Hickey dispatched a team of nuns to El Salvador to help many of the parishes that were suffering during the war.   Unfortunately, he later jettisoned many of his progressive values when he became Archbiship, and later, Cardinal of Washington DC.

    Locally, networks of nuns and priests smuggled people out of El Salvador and Guatemala.  An El Salvadorian girl attended our high school for a while.  

    I had so wanted to go down there and help out, but family obligations kept me in Cleveland.  Later, I moved to DC--only to find that there, El Salvador and Guatemala have come to me.

    So I'll repeat a statement I made in an earlier thread.  DC area residents will understand.

    The man who mows your lawn used to own a grocery store.  The woman who cleans your house used to be a teacher.  The man who fixes your car used to be a soccer star, before the soldiers killed his entire family.

    This is the legacy of the US in Central America and it is truly shameful.  

    My heart to Bishop Romero and may we all remember these four brave women as well:

    Jean Donovan
    Sr. Ita Ford, M.M.
    Sr. Maura Clarke, M.M.
    Sr. Dorothy Kazel, M.M.

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