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  •  Ha...I don't write diairies. (10+ / 0-)

    I don't tweet, social networking dork am I, so....I guess if I crawled out of my Luddite cave and into the light, this diary might be applicable to me.

    I Skype, though!  Wow, I know.....

    I'm sure this will be of help to others though!

    Hey is there a group for Luddites?  Other than CrankyUsers?  KIDDING!

    •  Woo! I've been here a week now... (4+ / 0-)
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      Susan from 29, psyched, blueoasis, kurt

      so I haven't written any diaries yet either, but I'm sure I will in the future.  I also am not a fan of the social networks, for the most part I don't trust them and don't have the time to navigate them. Except for twitter.

      Twitter seems simple enough, safe enough and actually kind of useful.

      I'm fairly new at blogging and a total newbie here but I'm finding that I really like the DK. I've spent the better part of the last year getting my feet wet wading through the trollish swamps of our fair (but not impartial) lady Arianna.

      While those swamps are a great place to dampen your toes the automatic filtration there can thicken the sludge to the point where you get totally bogged down and the frequent howling of the roaming mobs of trolls becomes quickly annoying.  

      I've found my short time here rather refreshing so far.  

      •  This wasn't a typical week. Though it may-- (7+ / 0-)

        become the norm. Coincidentally you started at the same time the siteowner, the Great and Mighty Wizard of Kos implemented a new and pretty controversial moderation system run directly by his Kos-ness himself.

        Whether it works on a continuing basis is an open question, but I can tell you from my long, long time around these parts (not always continuously but back into 2002) that I will put up dKos sweltering thickened fever swamps up against almost anyone on our side of the political divide. (Nothing compares to the pure insanity that rages on some right wing blogs or oddly enough in most comment sections of the blogs of dead tree newspapers). It can and has get plenty hot with not in-frequent howling here at dKos.

        But glad you like the place. And most of the people are nice. Just not all the time and not on all subjects. For example Slinkerwink is one of only three Kossacks that I Follow (meaning having her diaries automatically post to my Page)  because she is almost always interesting and a very good writer. I'll just say that 'restful' may not be the best descriptor for every single one of her diaries and still less their comment sections.

        Please visit, follow or join our Group: Social Security Defenders

        by Bruce Webb on Fri Sep 16, 2011 at 02:50:11 PM PDT

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