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  •  There seems to be an undefinable problem (1+ / 0-)
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    I have noticed pretty consistently, having tried times of day, days of the week, that there are a couple of challenges that are very hard to get around.

    In my case, I have been writing a book based on delving into experiences going back to my first city council campaign in Austin, Tx in 1980.  The essence of this contemplation is that there is a big picture that develops with time.

    I have found that this sort of subject is really kind of like that experience where one might go in for a job interview and find that one is at least twenty years older than the hiring group.  

    The transference of experience that should be essential to the long term development of a progressive community would seem to make this kind of effort fairly useful.  But consistently, it seems to get very low participation.  

    THe other observation that goes along with that is that if experience leads one to considerations that are not highly popular, but are off in a new direction, this too is a challenge.  What is most popular in terms of style gets more attention than what is more thoughtful.  

    Since I am writing a book, I experiment with different approaches.  This is not the same problem as finding an audience in the reading public, but it is not entirely different either.  

    The long term problem to me, is that if this blog site is really going to be able to produce some kind of effect in moving the progressive movement forward, some way of addressing these kinds of issues needs to be formulated.  That, may be down the road in the future evolution through the next several election cycles...

    Just curious if you have noticed trends like that and whether there is any evidence that such issues are being considered...

    I like the social media tips.  Probably won't address my issues, but I will try them.  Good thoughts.  Thanks for this diary.  

    hope that the idiots who have no constructive and creative solutions but only look to tear down will not win the day.

    by Stuart Heady on Fri Sep 16, 2011 at 02:03:26 PM PDT

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