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  •  The FACTs about the so-called "Buyers remorse" (0+ / 0-)

    is anything but what the MSM is trying to spin regarding Hillary Clinton.

    The latest example of conservative bias in poll interpretation comes from a Bloomberg story that uses Hillary Clinton’s popularity to make the point that voters are feeling buyer’s remorse about electing Obama. The premise is that since Hillary Clinton is more popular, voters regret electing Obama.

    The problem is that Bloomberg’s own polling data contradicts their story. While it is true that more people think the country would be better off under Hillary Clinton than when the question was asked a year ago, only 34% felt this way compared to 47% who thought the nation would be the same. This supposed buyer’s remorse was actually only a 9 point swing from results when the same question was asked in 2010.

    A deeper look into the data found that tea party supporters (44%) were the group who most thought that America would be better off under Clinton. Fifty seven percent of Democrats thought the country would be the same. Tea Party supporters who probably didn’t vote for Obama think that the country would be better off under Clinton, and the majority of Democrats think that the country would be in the same shape under Clinton or Obama.

    If most of the people who voted for Obama don’t think that the country would be better off under Clinton, then this isn’t a case of buyer’s remorse. The Bloomberg story was trying to play up the horse race narrative with misleading analysis, just as TeaNN chose to omit poll results from their story earlier in the week so that they could emphasize the negative.

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