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View Diary: Political strategery: It is about getting more votes (98 comments)

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    GrumpyOldGeek, Zack from the SFV

    Let's face it. Most dKos'rs are political junkies, so we're more likely to see Bachmann's amateurish ways. She reminds me of something akin to a one-hit-wonder, having a few (very, very few) fave rants that hit on something with her initial following, but in a debate when questions veered off her favorite lines, she was visibly lost. No threat there - she'd be eaten alive in a general.

    Same with Perry. His honeymoon phase will pass if not already badly maimed. Romney appears to be the likely opposition.

    I agree with other comments here that Obama needs to hammer his message, but most of all he needs to differentiate. The do-nothing Congressional R's are one thing, but I hope O's staff are busy picking apart bit by bit the 160 page Romney plan.

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