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    "The president's speech was about starting a political narrative—President Obama wants to do something about jobs and the Republicans do not."

    That way of putting it makes the problem really clear.  Obama just finished spending the last year agreeing to the Teahadist narrative that we face a deficit apocalypse, that taking even desperate measures to avert this apocalypse was absolutely central to fixing the economy, and thus addressing jobs.  One day Obama is pressing even larger cuts in old spending, even putting the socail safety net on the table, than the Rs, and then the next day he puts out a stimulus package with new spending.  That's not starting a narrative, that's hopelessly muddling any chance that the long-term narrative thread of R/D differences not become hopelessly lost.

    "The president's job this year has been to limit the damage done by the Congress."

    That job would have been easy, considering that the Rs only have a simple majority in only one of the two chambers of Congress.  Whatever damaging things the House did that made it past the D Senate could have been blocked, completely and entirely, with simple, one-line, uses of the veto pen.

    The actual job Obama set for himself, though, was not to limit damage done by the Teahadists, but to cooperate with them, take them on as negotiating partners, in their quest to lower taxes for the wealthy and cut spending on social programs.  No, that's not quite right, that how a D president following the long-established narrative would have characterized the Rs this last year.  This year a D president agreed to characterize this long-term R pursuit as being responsible about the deficit.

    We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

    by gtomkins on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 05:06:46 AM PDT

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