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View Diary: UPDATED: Arnold cronies and scare tactics - Press conference TODAY (101 comments)

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  •  Again, that's not what he said. (3.00)
    You wrote:

    He still wanted to keep this ridiculous thread around after he saw how useless it was.

    Again, unless you're referring to another digdugboy post than this one...

    Best to just leave it. Those of use who peruse the hidden comments for improper use of zeroes to censor don't have much context except the post itself to go on. There's a reason we can't delete our own posts.

    ....digdugboy IS NOT SAYING what you are claiming he is saying.

    Best to just leave it. does not equal: I THINK it should remain. Especially in the context of his sentence which immediately follows, it's clear his meaning is as I elaborated in my longer comment above.

    I have no argument with your statement: The ratings police should probably be a little more discriminating if they are going to browse the hidden comments and upgrade things wily-nily without looking at the context. 

    (Except POSSIBLY with your use of the word police, IF you intended to imply a negative connotation in referring to Trusted Users who are volunteering a useful service by doing this.)

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