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  •  And the same is true of both parties (0+ / 0-)

    it's about time that we woke up and smelled that fabled coffee... there is zero daylight between the repubs and the dems... they're both bought and paid for puppets totally beholden to their super-rich, elite handlers... as long as the principle driver is money, we're going to continue to get what we've been getting - governance at all levels singularly focused on the needs of those who pay to have people elected who will serve their needs and their needs alone, the common good be damned...

    meanwhile, we, the peasants, are continually exhorted (by democrat-dedicated sites such as this one, among others) to toss our pathetic and scarce dollars into the hat to try to outspend those who can contribute millions without breaking a sweat... tell me how THAT'S going to work...

    as long as we continue to support the myth that we can somehow make our completely broken two-party system work, we only continue to enable the oligarchs to run our lives and subvert any semblance of the principles the united states was founded on... whenever we attempt to make a stand for the common good, we will find it being attacked with the kind of vigor and unlimited resources that will only succeed in stomping it out... the welfare of senior citizens...? education for our national treasure, the young...? the fate of the unemployed...? the disadvantaged...? the working poor...? fuhgeddaboudit... anyone who doesn't have the advantage of money is, by definition, powerless, so, screw 'em...

    where does this leave us...? i wish i knew... what i do know is that what we've been doing isn't working and i, for one, simply can't face the prospect of another repeat of our every four year reality show...

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

    •  Very true. We like to pretend that the (0+ / 0-)

      Repugs are just corporate tools while we valiant Dems are fighting back with an army of small donors.  It's simply not true. The corporados are ruthlessly nonpartisan, and happily give their cash to both parties. The uncomfortable facts are that the Dems have gotten the majority of corporate campaign contributions for the past three elections, and the percentage of Obama's campaign money that came from small donors in 2008 was pretty much the same as Dubya did in 2004 (which in turn is about the same percentage as Michelle Bachmann so far in 2012).

      Sorry to pop everyone's mythical bubble.  Reality sucks.  (shrug)

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