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View Diary: Anti-Capitalist Meet-up: The Development of a Cooperative Economy in Practice (80 comments)

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  •  Coming from the working class, I have always (6+ / 0-)

    respected those who were able to make a good product, even my old boss in the furniture making plant where I worked. Sure, he was a capitalist owner, but he was a first generation craftsman who came up with a good way to make Swedish furniture.

    Personally, I want to keep the pride in craft of a good business -- just get rid of capitalism's proft motive.  who says we can't make things cooperatively? I've worked in coops in the States ( a Bread company) and it was a lot more fun without a boss.

    As far as the role of unions, stay tuned for next month's article (part 3) which deals specifically with that issue.

    BTW, there was a large upsurge in cooperatives as well as unions in the thirties -- the same AHoles that rid the unions of their progressive character (Bozo Reagan springs to mind), also undermined the cooperative movement from that time.

    (P.S.  I'm optimistic too -- though we might have to go through some rough times before we get there. )

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