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View Diary: Andrew Breitbart says "Fire the first shot...we outnumber them and we have the guns." (484 comments)

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    Honestly, look around you.  How many of the people you know own assault rifles? Guns of any kind?  How about body armor or night vision?  The truth is the wingnuts DO own more guns then we do and any protests to the contrary is meaningless.  How many of your friends have military service?  I just retired from 20 years of active service in the Army and I can tell you in a CIVIL WAR (as opposed to an individual act of domestic terrorism) 60% of the enlisted and 75% of the officers would support the right.  It is what it is. civil war is going to happen because 95% of Americans on both sides are too lazy to fight.  That would mean giving up TV and fast food.  Even among us Progressives how many really get out there and do more than talk? In the end its a stupid argument.  

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