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View Diary: Obama will issue Super Congress veto threat: No deal without new revenues (311 comments)

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        no revenue, and then he did.  Here is a link summarizing how he folded:

        When the Republicans took the debt ceiling hostage this time they were in risky uncharted waters. They didn’t know what Obama’s bottom line would be. They didn’t know if he would fold on new revenue. They didn’t know if Obama would be willing to use some innovative solution like the 14th amendment or a trillion dollar coin. The Republicans took a politic risk not knowing if their stance would make them look incredibly unreasonable causing their poll numbers to crash and Obama’s and Democrats’ poll numbers to rise sharply. They didn’t know if the media would turn on them in this fight.

        This next time the Republicans will go into the fight much better informed and far more confident that this tactic will work against Obama. They now know Obama won’t use an innovative work-around and that he will accept an all-cuts package if the GOP holds firm.

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