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View Diary: BREAKING: Obama STILL planning Medicare Beneficiary Cuts (68 comments)

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  •  Medicare part B is already means tested (12+ / 0-)

    Not for eligibility, but for premium cost.  Individuals with income over $85,000 and couples with incomes over $170,000 already pay more for part B premiums, than those under these thresholds.  This has been the case since 1997.

    •  very important point (6+ / 0-)

      there is already a means test, making the upper levels pay a few dollars more, ie, making the means testing slightly more progressive, but not to the point of wiping out any benefit, is really not going to turn Medicare into a welfare plan.

      Any more than progressive taxation is class warfare.

      Knowledge is power,  we need to be reminded regularly of what is in the tax and payment structures of these plans, and realize they were designed originally with the idea the well to do should pay more in.   And that the notion of means testing on this limited basis is neither welfare or class warfare.

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