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    It seems to me that at its essence this is about the corporate control of our government, and the reaction of the people to that.  So I don't know that "demands" as such need to be set forth.

    It might be enough to just say that our democracy has been taken from the people and is now a government of the wealthiest, by the wealthiest and for the wealthiest, and that this march on Wall Street is a reaction by the people from whom our democracy was taken.

    It could be enough that the message of the demonstrators on Wall Street is that the people have essentially become the servants, the resources, of the rich, that our purpose as a people has been reduced to serving the wealthy and the multinational corporations that they own; corporations that control not only the government of our country, but governments around the world; and whose only true allegiance is to the further enrichment of themselves.

    It could be enough that the message the Wall Street protestors are sending is that this control by the wealthy and the big corporations of our government is simply wrong; and that the people of our country need to start paying attention to what has been happening, and to where we are headed, and to what we are becoming.

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