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View Diary: Department of Labor cracks down on wage theft through misclassification (65 comments)

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    Truckers are not even protected by the FLSA. Wage thefts there occur as regularly as sunrise. I lost a week's pay to an unscrupulous boss a number of years ago, after completing a 3000 mile trip, & spending my own cash for tolls and oil (for which I expected to be reimbursed).

    As a single parent at the time, this hurt my family big time. But because drivers are not protected by the FLSA, there was literally nothing I could do. The company was in a different state from my residence, and I'd have to travel - on my own - to that state to file a grievance with the local courts.

    If you have time, read through any website that explains the FLSA and it's history. See what it does for you, and ask yourself, How would I fare without such regulation?

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