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    Dan Hirschorn surveys the existing field for Politico:

    hey aren’t the top-tier candidates Republican leaders had hoped to recruit from the ranks of House members — and many top party officials still cling to the slim hope that one of those members will have a change of heart. But with President Barack Obama’s approval ratings continuing to slide in the state, GOP leaders believe that even Casey, the likable, anti-abortion son and namesake of a popular governor, is finally vulnerable.

    “It got crowded. But it’s still early. There’s still plenty of time, and the primary is wide open now,” state GOP Chairman Rob Gleason told POLITICO. “Obama continues to get worse, and the worse that Obama gets, the more vulnerable Casey gets.”

    The downside for the Republican Party, voiced in interviews at its fall meeting here last weekend: The crowded field, a restless activist base and a GOP leadership still skeptical of the tea party movement threaten to leave the party divided when there’s little margin for error. When party committee members meet again in February to vote on an endorsement, it’s possible that no candidate will garner the majority needed, a terrifying prospect to leaders and strategists unaligned in the race.

    “There’s a real danger of a split within the party here, and it’s already starting to happen,” a top Republican operative said. “With all these candidates, you could definitely see a nonendorsement. That’s unprecedented. It’ll create a free-for-all, and that scares the hell out of me.”

    •  What's the deal with Meehan and Welch? (0+ / 0-)

      Steve Welch is probably the best candidate the Rs have for Sen. Casey's seat right now ... but I wonder if Rep. Meehan decides to run, will Welch step down for him AGAIN?

      Is Meehan just screwing with Welch, or what?  

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