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    Because Obama is president, much of the GOP has become isolationist and would welcome large cuts in the military, even more than what most Democrats would want. In addition, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down anyway. Republicans got what they wanted and the Democrats were defeated in a rout. However, the GOP in congress did pay a political price, but because of the bad economy, they still got a good chance of a historic landslide victory in 2012. Because their strategy was successful against Clinton and now unbelievably successful against Obama, they will use the same strategy against the next Democratic president, because the Democrats won't return the favor. They will cooperate with President Perry.

    This means the country will continue to shift radically to the right over the next decade. In ten years, the number of Americans not having health insurance will be 70 million. Once Perry wins the election, defense spending will be restored and the wealthy will receive massive tax cuts. The government debt will soar, but because there is a Republican president, the debt will only be a big issue with the Democrats who will be politically powerless to deal with the GOP. Then in 12-20 years, the next Democrat will be elected president. That Democrat will be unable to govern, because the GOP will use the debt ceiling to force massive cuts in domestic spending again.

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