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View Diary: House Republicans continue shutdown bluster over disaster relief, insist on job-killing cuts (43 comments)

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  •  To relitigate something that already (0+ / 0-)

    The dems took Paulson at his word that the sky was falling, that the economy would collapse if the tbtf banks were not bolstered. The rethugs didn't. They thought they should sit on their hands and watch the collapse.

    I think this is instructive. The rethugs first interest is in destruction. They destroyed regulation that was keeping this risky behavior at bay. They have effectively destroyed women's reproductive rights by harboring criminal behavior within their ranks and scaring providers and people. They have effectively ended antitrust legislation by failing to enforce it.  HOWEVER, the tbtf banks were their peeps supposedly.  How did they get away with giving them no support?  

    Apparently they succeeded in telling the wall streeters

    Hey we are not going to belly up to the bar but don't worry the dems will do it and then we can run agin the dems for their credulousness.

    Boner tried the same thing during the debt ceiling crisis - he told Wall street "don't worry be happy, we won't stop the govt."  But Wall street grew increasingly jittery and still is bouncing like a rubber ball.  

    So here we are again. The rethugs have found a new hostage. The dems are in the same pickle.  Damned if they do, damned if they don't.  What have they learned from the previous encounters with these thuggos?

    I think we should assume that
    1) the rethugs are serious about destruction. They won't rest until every last ediface of our country crumbles into dust.
    2) if the dems step up to try to stop the destruction, the rethugs will paint them as weak, socialists or whatever is their flavor of the day.  
    3) Only the rethugs have the bully pulpit unless the President uses his.  So the rethugs can have unlimited juice in painting the dems however they please.
    4) The rethugs never fail to resort to criminal behavior if nothing else works. They will get SCOTUS to do their bidding, they will get criminals and mentally unstable people to do their bidding. To them it is all good.
    5) The dems effort to negotiate with these folks as if there were good faith efforts on both sides is naive, gullible and tantamount to complicity in the criminality.

    Perhaps it is time we circled the wh and congress and let them know who is boss.  Perhaps it is time we circled the media and let them know that we want them either honest brokers or gone.  Perhaps it is time the rethugs are held accountable for their willful destruction of our country and we should put stickers in our windows:  

    Republicans in office are destroyers of our country, economically, judicially, electorally and morally.

    October 2011 Let's step up

    We have a generation of leaders – Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron – who don't seem to have the faintest idea of what they're doing. Politics is now nothing more than people saying hopeful things with their fingers crossed... - David Hare

    by glitterscale on Wed Sep 21, 2011 at 10:37:05 AM PDT

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