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View Diary: Israel's Tahrir [2]: First effect on electoral politics - Labor Party Revived (32 comments)

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  •  Kadima definitely the main "victim"; but - (4+ / 0-)

    - parties on the right bloc, too, might see votes migrating to Labor.

    Most Jewish Israeli voters are very close to the center, and are a very volatile electorate. They vote by a combination of group identity, emotion and whatever most bothers them at a given moment in time.

    Given the right circumstances, I can see many traditional Likud/Shas voters, especially women, voting for a Yachimovich Labor. Heck, I can even see Russian Lieberman voters doing the same.

    Also, there has been immense waste of liberal, mostly young votes, on offbeat parties that never make the cut, or on simply not voting. More of them will come back, and a good chance it'll be disproportionately to Yachimovich.

    But definitely, the artificial and rather useless body called "Kadima" stands most to lose. Like most of Israel's instant-parties, Kadima is basically a scam. In this case, the scam was a bunch of second-tier Likud hacks posing as "center-left" with a female leader as a front, and taking advantage of the leadership vacuum in Labor-Meretz to steal the latters' voters.

    With the vacuum gone and with a far more potent female leader to match at Labor, the Kadima hoax might go up in smoke - like all earlier centrist bubble-party attempts. Not suprisingly, Kadima's Livni was the first to try and embrace Yachimovich publicly, and co-opt her as a "partner" in some "struggle". Nice try.

    Yeah, we can go electoral kibitzing all day long here. What matters is, the Israeli street has finally spoken up and set the agenda, and inevitably the politicians to answer that call are found.

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