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View Diary: Israel's Tahrir [2]: First effect on electoral politics - Labor Party Revived (32 comments)

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  •  I agree. Haaretz readers have been all over her (3+ / 0-)
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    Aunt Martha, PeterHug, Celtic Merlin

    including political partners, the debate with her raged for several following editions of Haaretz.

    Saying that the settlements are "not a sin" is a denial of reality. The main sinners have been governments, not individual settlers, but nonetheless.

    However, dealing with Yachimovich is still - not - the same as having to deal with mass-murderer ex-generals like Sharon and Barak, with far-right ideologues like Bibi, or with a wolf in kid's clothing like Livni and Olmert.

    She would be more like  a re-do of the Amir Peretz hope in 2006, probably learning from his mistakes, and - as much time has gone by - more liberated to really change course.

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