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    Daily Kos: Bleed, you sinners!

    that Greeks and Germans would consider themselves more European than citizens of their own country.  They actually believed that!!!!!

    well for the Erasmus generation, they may not yet feel more european, but equally to their nation-state, i think so.

    which is the real tragedy here if the eurozone project founders because of the idiocy, immoral and very dangerous, propagated by the tabloids here, amidst a growing chorus of young unemployed and undereducated prole class, who traditionally make the best blackshirts.

    i sincerely hope the social aspects of the EU will have passed the point of no return, and it will be like fitting bigger feet into old smaller shoes, the very idea of going back to the petty squabbling, rigid borders, 1000 lira coffees and fraternal genocide of the last centuries.

    so many noble ideals enshrined into EU legislation, and acted on too, viz standing up to MS, GM, and the host of similar viral BS attempting to foist itself upon us through neo-con/lib infiltration.

    where EU failed: privacy, rendition, banksters... :(

    why? just kos..... *just cause*

    by melo on Thu Sep 22, 2011 at 09:34:24 PM PDT

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