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View Diary: Florida Governor Rick Scott Takes Aim at University Tenure (205 comments)

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  •  My experience is as a student then and staff now; (3+ / 0-)

    I see great professors who are essentially CEO's of an amazing research group. I also had profs as an undergrad a zillion years ago who are emeritus now, but taught well and god bless them for still being around as emeriti- I don't grudge them whatever resources they "consume" doing what they choose to do, because they are not really a drag.

    One prof in particular had us do an experiment in freshman Physics showing we could detect a single photon interfering with itself as it passed through a slit, and you could see this happen with the naked eye- an inspiring teaching moment I've never forgotten! He's emeritus now and I don't care if he doesn't teach and doesn't publish, he's a treasure for our University; if our state legislature doesn't appreciate him, tough!

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