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    I'm feeling overwhelmed by the compassion and support I'm receiving from you and others who have commented here. It's hard to express the emotions this is causing me. It's very healing, to put it mildly, and deeply moving. But there are hundreds of people across this country (and the world) who are still toiling against the death machine. And millions more, such as you, who are publicly professing their beliefs and inching us towards abolishment. I was just one small participant, and I stand in awe of the people who I worked with and learned from, and who are still in there fighting. I'm not a hero, but I've seen heroes and I know they are still in there fighting for life.

    Work and pray, live on hay, You'll get pie in the sky when you die." The Preacher and the Slave, by Joe Hill, 1911

    by Joe Hills Ghost on Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 05:24:27 PM PDT

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      Joe Hills Ghost

      every bit of the support and compassion. I feel like it's a karma thing; you give and receive. Sometimes you are not even aware of all the angels/spirits/souls/people who are behind you. Many of us haven't been able to do anything but voice our support of defenders and defendants because of our circumstances. But please know that we do and did appreciate everything you and every other brave warrior out there do. Sadly, there's still not enough of us and still not enough of you. My personal hope is that future generations will be more enlightened and courageous than the past.

      I'm one of those people who believe that it is people like you, who truly defend our freedoms. Lawyers, defenders, legal teams, paralegals, secretaries and law students who work tirelessly to uphold rights of the defenseless. To me, you are far more of a hero than a soldier who drops a bomb on a defenseless village.

      I'm not a man with a hat, but I tip my hat to you anyway. May the universe bless you with kindness, compassion and the healing you deserve and need.

      You have my admiration and utmost respect!

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