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View Diary: NYTimes smears #OccupyWallStreet as we disrupt a millionaire auction. Day 8 report (110 comments)

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  •  MoT, it's late (4+ / 0-)

    Saturday night, and I'm hoping my all to usual insomnia is about to give way to sleep.  I feel pleasantly drowsy, but I'm not saying good bye to today till I leave you this note.

    Bravo to you!  Thank you ever so for your coverage.  Too bad you're not getting paid what "real" journalists would be paid if they were covering this with anything more than a sniff and a shrug.

    Thank you for showing up the NYT, you know, that oh so "liberal bastion." I find it revolting that the NYT as well as the rest of the  media covered the Tea Party and all their inherent silliness with a seriousness equivalent to Einstein---tri cornered hats, tea bags flying on the edge of brims, guns strapped to thighs, misspelled and idiotic signs, bigoted, racist---it was all so fascinating to the MSM, including the NYT,  and supposedly all so equivalent and important to main stream America that it deserved every minute of coverage it got.

    I SO agree with you and lament with you that the NYT would choose to high light what diminishes the left, to arrogantly roll their eyes and smirk at those people who are willing to show up and say what's happening in this country, "IS NOT OK."  

    And you know, I've had some tussles on these Wall Street Protest threads with a few progressives who also choose to arrogantly belittle and shrug at this attempt.  I say, a big whipped cream messy pie in their face, and I wish the same to the NYT.  That's my definition of PIE!!!!!

    Keep on keepin' on, MoT, and know you have people like me, a long ways from New York, standing behind you, cheering you on.  

    This protest doesn't have to be perfect for me, I trust it will grow and find its legs. And, this protest is as important as any cockamamy Tea Party Protest.  Even if the NYT doesn't think so.

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