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  •  Yes, after posting my comment, it sunk in that (1+ / 0-)
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    6 months without coverage would be required.  My insurance plan isn't too good on prescriptions, and that's most of my routine claims at this point.  We'll have to look at how everything pencils out, but once COBRA runs out ($987/mo!), we'll be having to do something anyway.  Six months without coverage is daunting, but if we time it well, and are really careful (no firewood cutting, etc.) it could be managed as you have shown.  I wonder if limits could be raised on the medical coverage part of my auto insurance?  Hmmm

    Thanks for the link for the Washington program, and for sharing your story.  Be careful this week, and best of luck for your future.

    •  thanks! (1+ / 0-)
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      Delta Overdue

      going without coverage for six months felt like gambling.

      i didn't write that my husband broke both arms during this time, with no insurance.

      and there were other medical issues as well.

      as for prescriptions, i managed by asking for cash discounts and really researched prices. Costco was one option. my local pharmacy, a small local business, had the best price.  

      the pcip program has pretty good prescription coverage, btw, once you get on it.

      good luck with everything.

    •  may want to check your premiums on pcip for WA (1+ / 0-)
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      Delta Overdue

      in california, for the two of us, it would be a little less than 700 plus 100 for the kid so we are still out 800 a month for health insurance. this we can barely afford but i can't get any other type of insurance anyway because of my pre-existing. and with all my costs for medical care, it is actually a deal. our COBRA was close to 1800 a month which we could not pay.


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