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  •  Intimidation IS the name of the game (2+ / 0-)
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    He said nothing like that has ever happened to him and that it was so frightening that he doubts that he will return.

    Here's how it was done in Canada. The police had infiltrators to create disturbances so that thousands of people could be arrested for no reason effectively destroying the protest.
    You Should Have Stayed Home
    G20: The Untold Stories

    You sent us your photos and videos of the events around Toronto's G20. Watch some of the eyewitness stories in our G20 in :30 Seconds feature

    They were the most unlikely of troublemakers. There were thousands of ordinary citizens on the streets at Toronto G20 Summit marching peacefully until the police closed in and shut them down. Many had gone downtown simply to see what was going on, only to find themselves forcibly dragged away by police and locked up for hours in a makeshift detention center without timely access to lawyers or medical treatment.
    On this edition of the fifth estate: the summit from the street, and the people who never dreamed it could happen to them. The stories you'll hear will raise questions about what protest means in this country and what the limits to dissent have become.

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