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View Diary: How Many Bushels of Kansas Wheat Does it Take to Pay Pat Roberts Salary? (10 comments)

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  •  Except for the actual data, the actual record (0+ / 0-)

    of history for Kansas farm income.  

    The ideology of free trade claims that the key is "access to foreign markets." But as farm markets have moved toward free markets, 1953-1996 and beyond, Kansas farm commodity prices have fallen dramatically, as I documented repeatedly above.  Losing money per unit is not a benefit for Kansas.  If you sell more units, you lose more money. It's like the ethnic joke about the one who was losing money so he doubled his operation.  So free trade destroys wealth creation and jobs creation.  Perhaps you missed the part above about how farm commodity markets don't self correct, so they're usually low.  It was long claimed (ie. since the 70s) that free trade would increase export income, but in fact, exports did not deliver.

    Market Access is essentially a way for multinational corporate buyers to lower prices globally. You go from country to country to bring in cheap imports to lower prices.  The US is the dominant global market exporter, but we haven't used our clout to raise prices for US (and Kansas) profits. We've lowered US profits to subsidize multinational buyers with below cost grains

    Secondly, there isn't a cost to price floors, except for start up money for revolving loan funds. Farmers pay interest into the program, not the other way around. Estimates in the past were that the government made money on the programs.  Supply management, balancing supply and demand, is a key to protecting the price floors.

    Perhaps, if you read the article again, you could better attempt to rebut it.

    Why Kansan's believe what they do is, well, "What's the Matter with Kansas."

    "We're trying to warn this nation of a tidal wave ..., and it's coming your way, whether you want to know it or not...!" family farm woman, Donahue Show, 1985

    by Iowa Farm Activist on Tue Sep 27, 2011 at 07:01:55 PM PDT

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