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View Diary: CNN hackery: Paul Ryan's lack of popularity means he's popular (63 comments)

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  •  Key to Ryan's fake persona (2+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z, DEMonrat ankle biter

    is that he's some kind of fair-minded kindly neutral arbiter of economic facts. In fact he's got a hair-trigger temper and a Bush Jr. like mean streak (Bush Jr. was famous for his foul temper laced with profanity when he ran his father's campaign).

    If I were a Dem strategist I'd be finding ways not only to expose Paul Ryan to an unscripted encounter on the economy, but to do so in a way that exposes his angry side. The day this mofo loses it on camera is the day his career dies the death. My strategy would have him go face to face against a woman like Gillibrand or Elizabeth Warren, and have them calmly refute his preposterous positions on taxes and healthcare. His freakin' head would explode in such a scenario.

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