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View Diary: Millions of households receiving food stamps had no cash income in 2010 (33 comments)

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  •  "Household" can be misleading. (1+ / 0-)
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    Two single person living together but have no ligal liability to each other are actually considered two households. Each of the adults who live with their parents are legally a household unto themselves. Unmarried adults living together as well as a person and their roommate make 2 household homes.

    This is not to disparage the fact that there are more people who fit these definitions who collect food stamps, but to make everyone aware that many of these households are not the nuclear family homes we usually associate with the term household.

    •  For food stamps that actually depends on (4+ / 0-)

      your self-reported meal habits.

      There's a question like, "Do you regularly buy groceries or cook meals with any non-related roommates?"

      From MA SNAP website:

      A SNAP food stamp household is an individual or a group of people who live together and buy food and prepare meals together (most of the time) to eat at home. Members of a SNAP food stamp household get their benefits together, on one EBT card, and their income is counted as a group in determining eligibility. Household members do not have to be related to each other.
    •  Defining "household" is not the problem (1+ / 0-)
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      1. Who are the "we" who usually associate a particular conception of nuclear family with the term "household"?
      2 1/2 kids with a Mommy/Daddy named June/Ward was always largely a Hollyweed fantasy. The other people simply didn't get any screen time.  
      2. You are correct, people are living in a variety of living arrangements to prevent each other from living on the streets. Grown children live in their parent's basements, several friends live together to share rent, young folks who can meet the increasingly stringent military requirements live together in barracks throughout the world, etc.
      3. But these ad hoc arrangements should not be used as an excuse to minimize our economic problems. 20-25% of our working age people are underemployed or unemployed.  1 out of 7 homes are vacant,  many going to mold and rot, as speculators and banks wait for another magical housing price boom.
      4. Our economic-political system is dysfunctional, our global military empire is taking us straight to hell, and bickering about the definition of "household" is merely delaying an honest accounting of where we're at.

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