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View Diary: Fukushima Docs 2: I Feel Like Crying (298 comments)

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  •  The rebuttal above (6+ / 0-)

    was the very definition of civil. The downraters of that comment have all lost their ability to rate.

    •  "The very definition (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      of civil"??? Come on, Markos. The subject line was...

      Speaking of lies

      then accusing me of having "no credible evidence" of fission. How, exactly, is that NOT calling me a liar, thus eminently HR'able? There was no request for evidence, because this poster couldn't understand it if it were provided. And providing it would produce just the right-side threadjack my HR is meant to thwart in its tracks. Isn't that "Community Moderation" as applied most strictly in group diaries/discussions?

      FWIW, the detection of periodic significant increases of short-lived fission products indicates recent fission activity. These have been duly reported in the international press regularly ever since March. The only place any of us knows of right now that could produce significant levels of fission isotopes detectable in far-flung locations half a planet away is Fukushima Daiichi. Unless there's some other open-to-atmosphere melting nukes they haven't told us about. That is very simply and scientifically the truth as it exists in reality. Cross my heart.

      Further documents in just this FOIA document-dump establish continued fission firmly, but those are the subject of future posts to this series. The subject here is the follow-up documents listed and linked in the diary to the March 11 - 15 time period. Introducing documentation of later continued criticalities here in comments would be confusing and counterproductive.

      I can't figure why they'd dump all this in Lucas' journalistic lap only to come back later and complain that it's being publicly released, but I sure wouldn't put anything past 'em.

      That's all. You can do with me as you please. It's your website, I am just a guest here.

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