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View Diary: Cambridge moves to prevent hotels—like Hyatt—from outsourcing jobs (33 comments)

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  •  Without a doubt, this is the reason. (1+ / 0-)
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    They are merely preparing in case mandatory e-verify becomes law. They will have plausible deniability.  The other hotels will do the same.

    Everything else is just a bonus.  A complacent obedient workforce is what every corporation wants.

    The hotel industry has mastered this.  My kid could not buy a position at any of the many hotels and  motels near his college, even though he applied at every one.  They all seemed to hire exclusively undocumented workers.

    What is sad, is that most at dailykos will be on the side of allowing undocumented to keep these jobs, and not the heartbreak of the citizen and legal housekeepers and their devastated families.

    Some here on dkos will add insult the fired hotel workers by referring to these jobs as "jobs Americans won't do".

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