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    Exoteric vs Esoteric

    Every religion that I can think of has a split in factions that are engaged with either an external or internal point of focus and practices.

    Usually the esoteric factions are practioners of some contemplative meditation technique and seek gnosis or direct knowledge of the truth internally. Those that look within.

    The exoteric factions are concerned with proclamations of faith and wrap themselves in theological dogma. They usually don't like the esoteric groups.

    Islam has its factional warfare between the Shites and the Sunni's over the idea of requiring an intercessor... but neither one likes the Sufis the mystical wing of Islam which promotes peace and love. Right now in Pakistan Sufis are being slaughtered by other Muslim groups.

    Christianity had its own purges under Constantine... who had the gnostic Christian groups put to the sword. It was political as much as theological. He validated the central authority of the pope and their control of the Christian community and he got the "divine right of kings."

    Eros vs Logos

    There is also a gender issue that runs through this too... Eros vs Logos and the "divine feminine" vs the "father god."

    Many theologians who have studied the Gnostic Gospels maintain that Mary was supposed to lead the church and not Peter. They site the gnostic gospel of Thomas and others for these assertions. (look up Chokma, Sophia, and Wisdom in theology journals)

    Women are the most discriminated against minority and up until a hundred years ago in the west were seen as property. In many parts of the world they still are chattel.

    The idea of a woman leading the church in a male dominated society would have been shocking in the extreme.

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