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View Diary: An Economy cannot be based on CONSUMPTION (285 comments)

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    Especially when that mining-making-marketing-buying-discarding cycle is coupled with the never ending corporate need to extract more more more from every cycle.  It's a dead end game where the host (our planet) finally dies.

    Our corporate overlords have been in a game of extracting more more more blood from a dying dog for decades.  The relatively pathetic damage wrought by the savings and loan scandal was trumped by the Enron/Worldcom scandal, then both were made to look insignificant by the financial collapse brought on by the real estate boom.  And the monster is looking for it's next feast, and in the process, will identify and cherry pick those non-discretionary spending targets where the consumer will give up his last dime.  Water, fuel, food, health care, transportation.  Even the ads for autos are ignoring the discretionary spending of the middle class, half of them are for $60,000 + cars now.

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