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  •  Those trees are being cut down and shipped (2+ / 0-)
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    overseas.  Coal is being mined here and shipped to China.  How oblivious are you?

    The sad reality is that the WEALTH being created is being created by high value added production ELSEWHERE while Americans get further and further in debt to finance a CONSUMPTION driven lifestyle that CONSUMES GOODS MADE ELSEWHERE.

    American CONSUMPTION of goods PRODUCED elsewhere does not add jobs here or build the US economy.

    And - newsflash - trees are being cut down all over the world, ore mined all over the world to PRODUCE the throwaway CRAP Americans CONSUME.

    You once HAD a good furniture industry in NC using sustainable wood harvested in the US providing jobs for loggers harvesting second growth wood - Cherry grows well on old PA sites for one and jobs making that furniture in NC factories.  

    Now you get cheap furniture made overseas using trees often logged illegally in Indonesia or where ever and shipped to China or wherever

    Foundries and other metalworking industries in the US are on the verge of extinction - in part because the playing field is NOT level.  Here in the US pollution controls and worker protection have driven these factories and jobs out of the US because elsewhere - like China or India - these do not exist - 'free trade' that is WORSE for the planet.  

    Americans are not CONSUMING LESS' bad stuff' - in fact they are at times consuming MORE because it is cheaper (because it is made elsewhere).  The brake drums and brake discs on your care are no longer cut and refinished when you have a brake job done on your car - those items are REPLACED (with others made elsewhere).  

    We are CONSUMING more and more stuff PRODUCED ELSEWHERE that is LESS durable and not repairable - more throwaway stuff - bought on credit creating jobs overseas not here and leaving the planet WORSE off.

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