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View Diary: Obama might have a Supreme Court majority on the health care law (238 comments)

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    JamieG from Md

    view though. Although being mandated to buy exorbitant private insurance sucks, it is the first step on the road to our desired outcome: single payer. The only way to make a case for single payer in our uber capitalistic society is to use "free market principles" to box the private insurers out of the market. How do we do that? Prove that public run healthcare will be more affordable, efficient, and effective than privately run healthcare in a head to head comparison (i.e. Medicare for all vs. Numerous private insurance companies). In order to set that comparison up, you have to first establish universal care (that step was addressed with the ACA by way of the individual mandate + the exchanges to come in 2013-2014). The next step on the road to single payer would then be a very easy one, because people will be able to compare the public exchanges to what they're forced to buy from the private companies and they'll be jumping to support the public option. That public option is Medicare for All with smart reforms that make it leaner and cleaner. Sure it's incremental, but how else do we expect to get there from here?

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