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View Diary: CEO Threatens A Lawsuit Against Progressive Blogger (176 comments)

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    Perhaps I didn't make this clear, but the case originated with the wife's lawsuit in South Carolina in 2001. It remained in South Carolina for roughly four years, until essentially being hijacked by Alabama.

    Multiple SC judges found they held jurisdiction over the case. I've cited that in a comment above.

    In fact, multiple pendente lite rulings had been made in SC and Mr. Rollins had a bench warrant for his arrest for contempt of court on those orders.

    Don't know how a jurisdictional issue can be more clear cut. A four-year old case gets suddenly moved to another state? Can't happen under the law. But it did.

    I'm writing about it, and that's why Ted Rollins wants to shut me up. More than a dozen lawyers in Alabama know what happened in this case, and they have a duty to report that kind of judicial misconduct. But they don't do it. That's because judges control the Alabama State Bar, and a lawyer who stands up to a judge will find himself in another line of work. One of the legal professions many dirty secrets.

    Another reason our legal system, in which lawyers police themselves, is a huge failure.

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