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  •  I did submit a reply, but Gooserock is correct. (9+ / 0-)

    There are 'structural' problems with employment in this country.  Companies given US tax breaks for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries is counter productive.

    This was my response:
    I am a computer programmer.  Initially trained in mainframe programming.  I worked for a large State institution for 10 years.  This institution decided that it would be more cost effective to move to a third party vendor, from Madison, WI, for documentation software development and support.  This, along with the State's decision to cut expenditures by 10% across the board throughout the state in October of 2009, eliminated the position I had held.

    When I was notified of the layoff, I immediately went back to college to pick up the 'pc' programming languages.  Aced the courses and received my second Associates of Applied Science (to go along with the Bachelor's).  I have been looking for work since June 2010 with no real luck.

    I cannot begin to tell you how many applications I've submitted.  I do know that the number is well over 125 for one particular company.  I have been given a number of phone interviews with HR people and some with the hiring managers.  I think I can say that I've been averaging 3 a month???  I have not yet received an offer of employment.  I do know in some cases that I was considered over qualified and in others not qualified enough.  I also believe ageism has been a factor.....

    I know I can do the work.  I've demonstrated that I am willing and able to learn new material.  I'm not looking to be management, don't have the personality for it, nor to 'replace' anyone.  I just want to program computers that will help others to be able to do their jobs more effectively and earn enough to be reasonably comfortable.

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