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View Diary: Occasional reminder—don't read too much into primary polls, yet (107 comments)

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    How do you "poach" number ones?  Even if a campaign got a list of the number ones of another campaign, targeting them specifically should - by the definition of number ones - be a pretty low reward activity. (I know that when we used the scored lists in NJ we avoided the definites of the other side - not because it would have been wrong, but because it was a poor use of scarce time.) If you mean some Dean number ones deserted him, it might be better to consider that something he did or something a competitor did changed their minds - or that the people scoring people were overly optimistic and assigned a "1" where a higher number might have been more accurate.

    Not to mention, the candidate that Clinton supported was Clark and he was not running in Iowa.

    The Clintons did not support Kerry until he was the de facto nominee and then it was pretty clear that Bill Clinton was no fan of John Kerry. Kennedy on the other hand was very supportive of Kerry - in both 2004 and in pushing him for 2008 in early 2005.

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