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View Diary: Gov. Brian Schweitzer to seek universal health care in Montana (73 comments)

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    There cetainly is profit to be made under Canada's universal health care system. In fact, my family doctor is a partner in a private medical corporation.

    The difference is there is only ONE payer - the government, and the cost any doctor or health practicioner can charge is negotiated yearly with government and all billls are sent to the government, not individual patients. (Of course there are some procedures and other costs not covered by public insurance. But, in general, pretty much every necessary medical need is covered.) No Canadian needs to declare bankruptcy to pay a medical bill.

    The government, unlike from what I read American HMOs, does not decide what procedures are necessary and will be coverd. The decision on what is necessary is strickly the doctor's and the questuon of coverage is never IN question.

    Good luck, Montana.

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