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    The Nonorable Chistopher Smith
    4th Congressional District
    New Jersey

    Dear Congressman Smith:
        Re:H.R. 2052, The Fort McClellan Health Registry

    Unfortunately these days many issues that come to congress are partisan and as a result are caught up in divisive arguments. There is, however, one area of government that we can all agree is of vital importance. That area is the support of our military men and women. And by this I mean the support of the individuals who serve our country.

    I know that you have been a strong supporter of the military during your history in congress and I am writing to ask for your support on a very important issue that is directly affecting a segment of our service members.
    The issue is the devastating and long-term health consequence of exposure to toxic chemicals that continues to plague both active duty and former service men and woman. In many cases these individuals are not receiving adequate after care and monitoring.

    We do not leave our brethren on the battlefield and we should not abandon them at home. What a shame that we ask our heroic soldiers to risk and sacrifice their health and their lives to protect our country, yet we will not do what is right for them.

    Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY21), has introduced H.R. 2052, The Fort McClellan Health Registry which would address this problem. Unfortunately this vital piece of legislation has been languishing without support. I am asking you to please add your name as a sponsor of the bill and to lend your influence with your peers of both parties to pass this bill. Imagine the signal that would be sent to our military and to our veterans if this bill were to pass the House with 435 votes! As a veteran of the Vietnam War I can tell you it would certainly make me proud.

    This issue is calling for a leader; I ask you to step up and help get this bill turned into law.


    Harvey K. Orens

    Hey dumb dumbs, if tax cuts created jobs, we would have so many jobs that we would glady let the illegals come in.

    by hkorens on Mon Oct 03, 2011 at 07:47:03 AM PDT

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